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Release: August 2019

Tenure:  March 2019 - May 2019

Role: Cinematic/Level Designer

Platforms: PC/Xbox One/PS4

Man of Medan is the first instalment in Supermassive Games' new horror anthology, the Dark Pictures. During a trip to the South Pacific, a group of young Americans and their skipper are taken hostage by a gang of pirates. The group and their captors find themselves trapped on an old WW2 era ship with a sinister past. Being pursued by the pirates as well as the creatures that lurk within the bowels of the ship, the group must find a way to call for help and get out alive.

During my time on Man of Medan, I was part of a small group tasked with aiding the core design team with additional design work and bug fixing. Going from one project in its early stages to an other in its later stage really helped me develop my skills as a Designer by quickly learning about systems we would use later on in the development of Little Hope and gaining valuable insight into the development of a project in its later stages. These lessons I was able to take back to Little Hope which I believe prepared me well for the future of Little Hopes development.

Roles & Responsibilities


  • Iterating upon gameplay mechanics such as interactions, exploration cameras, event triggers etc. 

  • Integrating and editing third-party animation data to create the games sequences.

  • Balancing and adjusting the pacing of sequences based on playtesting and director feedback.

  • Building and iterating upon the collision and navmesh throughout the game.

  • Aided the core team in bug fixing and additional design work using the studios proprietary tool set.

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