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Return to Bleakrock: A Skyrim Mod Project

Return to Bleakrock is custom built game world I am creating using the Skyrim Creation Kit and adds a new land mass to the world of Skyrim in the same vein as Solstheim in the Dragonborn expansion.


Return to Bleakrock returns the player to the Bleakrock Isle over a thousand years after the events of the Elder Scrolls Online. To  players of the Elder Scrolls Online, the world will feel familiar yet fresh as new stories and quests grip the land.

My aims for this project are to develop my skills in open world level/world design by undertaking a project at this scale involving both exterior and interior locations. I used an existing location from a different game in the Elder Scrolls franchise as a foundation to build on, but ultimately to inject some of my own ideas and skills into a world I know and love while adhering to the games lore and boundaries.

As this is a project I am working on in my free time, this page will be updated with new additions overtime.

Environment Shots


"After the evacuation of Bleakrock in 2E 582, nobody truly resettled on the isle. Plenty tried, nomads and expats from deep within Tamriel often journeyed there seeking a new frontier, but rough seas and harsh conditions proved fatal to those without hearty Nordic blood. The Isle soon became just another rock off the coast of Skyrim, touched only by smugglers and bandits seeking refuge from the authorities. It wasn't until the eruption of Red Mountain in 4E 5, Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak of Windhelm reclaimed the land for his people and the Nords re-established a presence on the island in response to the mass migration of the Dunmer people fleeing the volcanic devastation. For some time the stores, farms and the Inn of Bleakrock Village thrived.

It was only the arrival of a stranger seeking refuge that brought this prosperity to an end. Not long after his arrival, the Thalmor followed, a group of Elven supremacists seeking out one of their sworn enemies, the Blades. The Thalmor had never been friends to the Nords, so the townsfolk stood against them. Believing the villagers were harbouring an enemy of the new Aldmiri Dominion the Thalmor made an example of the townsfolk, butchering them all and leaving the town in ruins. All that remains of the town are husks of former homes and the bones of those that once lived there, left to be reclaimed by the earth. Amongst the death and broken lives one person remains a penance for his failures." 

The Last Rest: Dungeon Design

The Last Rest is one of the key areas on the island of Bleakrock and is featured in the finale quest on Bleakrock Isle in Elder Scrolls Online. When developing this area I wanted to remain somewhat faithful to the original Nordic Tomb while at the same time taking creative liberties and adding more rewarding elements for the player.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Developing the open world play spaces and interior levels using completed assets and iterating upon them based on playtesting.

  • Placement of interactable and clutter assets including weapons, armour, consumables and more.

  • Terrain terraforming and terrain texture painting.

  • Navmesh and collision building.

  • Enemy and AI placement.

  • Basic Lighting placement.

  • Narrative Design.

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