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The Wasteland Maelstrom: A Fallout 4 Mod Project

The Wasteland Maelstrom is mod I have created using the Fallout 4 Creation Kit that adds a new dungeon to the game that players can explore and be rewarded with unique loot for conquering it. 


The Wasteland Maelstrom introduces the player to the Maelstrom, a makeshift prison run by the Gunners. As players descend through the prison they'll come across the worst the commonwealth has to offer. With the enemies ever changing and growing in strength the player is forced to mix up their combat style and weapons. The dungeon culminates in a final encounter with a high level Deathclaw that should prove difficult for players of all levels. With the Deathclaw defeated the player is rewarded with a unique legendary weapon called Firebolt.

My aims for this project were to develop my skills in Level Design within intimate players spaces and spaces with large degrees of verticality. By using verticality I can prepare the player and give them a glimpse of what they're about to face while also giving them height advantage until they have to travel deeper into the various sections of the dungeon. When the player reaches the bottom and looks up, the verticality helps accentuate the challenge they're about to face. Rewarding the player was another undertaking I made important with this mod as the player is encouraged to search high and low for small rewards throughout such as caps, ammo and stimpaks. Once the player has defeated the boss they're also reward with a unique weapon that I custom made through the engines weapon settings. Diving deeper into the engine also encouraged me to create custom weapons and play with the AI settings to set various relationships and behaviours, broadening my knowledge further in the Creation Kit. 


Environment Shots

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Deliver a complete single-player dungeon from block out to final and iterating upon the play space based on feedback and playtesting.

  • Developing the flow through the level including combat spaces, safe zones and environmental hazards.

  • Placement of interactable and clutter objects including weapons, armour, consumables and more.

  • Navmesh and collision building.

  • Enemy and AI placement including customising enemy/AI types and behaviours. 

  • Basic Lighting placement.

  • Narrative Design.

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